What’s included in an interim service?

Servicing and MOT in Middlesbrough: an interim service is the most basic level of car service which will get you a stamp in your service book and the car’s service clock reset, if applicable. The oil and oil filter will be changed, additional safety checks will be made and moving parts will be lubricated. The checks will be centred around the horn, lights, brakes, fluid levels, exhaust, tyres and searching for any fluid leaks in the car.

Servicing and MOT in Middlesbrough

What is included in a full service?

A full service includes all the same tests in the interim service, in addition change fuel filter (diesel vehicles), pollen filters, air filter, spark plugs (petrol vehicles). Typically included will be top ups of the brake fluid and antifreeze, power steering fluid, windscreen washer fluid. Servicing and MOT in Middlesbrough.

Checks  include interim and full service and report:

– Seatbelts/Mountings (Check) 

– Instruments/Warning Lamps (Check) 

– Switches/Controls (Check)

 – Horn (Check) 

– Interior Lamps (Check)

 – Front and Rear Wiper Blades (Check) 

– Wash/Wipe Systems (Check) 

– Instrument Illumination (Check)

 – Direction Indicators/Hazards (Check)

 – Lighting System (Check) 

– Headlights (Check)

– Body Work/Paint (Check) 

 – Service Interval Indicator Reset (Reset) 

– Underbody Wiring Harness (Check) 

– Underbody Pipes and Hoses (Check) 

Engine Oil Leaks (Check)

Steering Joints (Check)

 – Lighting System (Check) 

Steering Rack/Box (Check) 

Steering Column Couplings (Check)

 – Suspension Joints/Seals (Check)

 – Drive Shaft Joints/Seals (Check)

 – Road Springs (Check) 

– Shock Absorbers/Mountings (Check) 

Exhaust System/Mountings (Check)

 – Front Brake Pads (Check) 

Front Brake Discs (Check) 

Rear Brake Discs (Check) 

– Brake Hydraulic System (Check) 

Tyre Condition (Check)

 – Tyre Pressure (Check/Adjust) 

Tyre Tread (Check) 

Engine Bay Wiring (Check) 

Engine Bay Pipes and Hoses (Check) 

– Washer Bottle (Check/Top-Up) 

– Brake Fluid Resevoir (Check/Top-Up) 

– Power Steering Fluid (Check/Top-Up) 

– Power Steering System (Check) 

– Radiator (Check) 

Clutch Operation (Check) 

Gearbox Operation (Check) 

– Vehicle Handling (Check)

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