Alternator Repair or Replacement

A faulty car alternator can cause difficulties, ranging from slow engine start, dim or flickering headlights, all the way to complete loss of power due o dead battery. If any of the mentioned symptoms occur, just call in to our garage for a quick free test of your alternator.

In general, alternator repair costs are low, and there are options of repairing, or getting a new or refurbished alternator.

Most commune components that cause problems are :

  • bearing
  • internal cooling fan
  • faulty wiring

Starter Repair or Replacement

We repair and replace starter motors at very competitive prices. If your car won’t start while all electrics seem to be working just fine, then you need the starter motor checked.

There are a number of reasons why the starter motor fails:

  • solenoid
  • overrunning clutch
  • brushes & springs
  • electric terminals
  • faulty wiring

If you can get to our garage, we will perform a free check. If you cant get to us, we’ll come to you. Refurbished, second-hand and new electric motor starters available, depending on your budget.

12-month / 12k-mile warranty.

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